If I am wrong I most certainly am sorry regarding if this man was asked initially and priviately without a lawsuit (aka not bullied). We all defiantly want someone to be accountable for their actions and we want our children to feel we are always going to protect them, but do we lay with the devil doing this. I will not say, blame or fault autism as a disability to cause any behaviors or actions and dismiss them as justified, no different then a young child who does wrong and is learning through natural development. These are not disabilities, but lack of ability in certain areas, under different circumstance, etc. I really believe the action of a lawsuit was not warranted and publicly exposing the creator of the video was not necessary for him to remove his video.  If I am wrong again I am sorry but I think it could have been done outside of the public eye and asked nicely. What was initially intended was only your son’s best interest, and watching this man’s apology video in my opinion shows he is deeply hurt by what he did. Your family holds the most public position and now this is at the media’s forefront. In the life of someone on the Autistic Spectrum it can have tremendous devastating repercussions. I understand protecting our own but never at the the expense of hurting another. Two wrongs never make it right, and his wrong was a stranger really with his heart only trying to protect your son. We should not cast stones at anyone nor judge, but I saw hurtful and viscous clips taken from other social medias to make that utube video but the one who was trying to protect is the public scapegoat and not the bully but the one always being bullied, and that’s why he felt the need to stand up and protect. A bad judgement call, yes, and  probably also is this whole comment I am making, but I am not alone, there are many who will say the same about President Elect Mr. Trump’s tweeting:) I do say that with respect, thought it is true:) I am only commenting because I want to wish the man well. He commented that he is scared, I am crying now, because I know that feeling of anxiety, and I want him  to know it’s ok, even though sometimes I might not always know it myself:) What he did was not wrong it just was not right, if that makes sense. What I mean was he did what was in his heart so it wasn’t wrong and he should never feel bad about that. He can feel sorry that he gave the wrong impression but that’s what we ASD’s do sometimes but don’t worry I still love you for it, for loving enough to love someone else, a stranger and protect them. It was not just about autism awareness. He was taking how others were cruelly taunting and mocking and interpreting how it displayed something that he was  familiar  with and trying to help and stop such hurtful abuse. I do want to add one thing, this is for all parents. I owned two daycares for over twenty five years working with many children of all ages with special need. Going through the mild stones with the families from infancy through puberty, and being on the Autistic Spectrum myself plus having a nineteen year old on the spectrum and schizophrenic  and a twenty six year old who is not, I speak with many hats(if you know me that’s also literal:) THERE IS NO TIME FOR DENIAL(this is not towards the Trump Family this is for all families) I have seen families except, read and research, and then there are the families who refuse, resist and runaway. You cannot believe how much growth I have watched develop over the years with so many children who recieved early intervention. It is essential you realize it will be you who steals your child’s potential and not a diagnosis. It is a little different for the children with aspergers, it might be more recognizable and concerning when they are getting older(middle/high school) though still maybe discreet(girls even more discreet then boys) This post was not meant for awareness, or education, but I hope it was informitive and enlightening. I do ask if you comment and do not like something I said, if you can tell me, but please still be kind, thank you.

love from my heart

peace from my soul


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