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sorry i am such a pest
but from all the rest
your the best
i know i insist
on the love word
it is not just to be heard
it really does stink
when i think
i love you
but you don’t love me too
it’s not that i demand
i don’t quite understand
with the heart you touch
and do so much
but your rules are such
not for them to brake
a feeling not to fake
only to honestly make
my enjoyment was to give
while others would always take
love for me wasn’t to know
nothing there for people to show
it’s never been to share
with anyone or anywhere
it’s just not fair
you only want to care
pain and disappointment
is meant to heal
love i guess is not for me
to hear or feel
it’s way to real
so maybe it’s no big deal
so close and easy to steel
yet so far
like a shining star
just as you are


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