only said mom, adjusted post          of peom to parenthood            because i understood

my poem is adjusted
for a father who feels disgusted
i started to reply to his post
with what i felt most
move or delete it
but that’s not a message
to be sent
even if it’s what i meant
in this world of autism
we are all innocent
me, you
our sons and daughters too
you have every right to share
it wouldn’t be fair
even if it’s something
i don’t care to hear
life is precious
time is few
it’s not a shame
to point blame
they sound the same
responsibility, accountability
predictability, sensibility
me being a grandma
is that my reality
will my grandchild
be on the spectrum
is that a possibility
i don’t know, maybe
in four generations
there’s six in my family
is that a reason to kill our tree
please tell me
is it wrong or right
to think what will or might
we must not lose sight
that life is a fight
we were all dealt with a hand
some cards are grand
while others we can’t stand
but to hold and gauge
with no room to budge
with anger and hate
then love
we can not created
so for this father
and every other
and each mother
there is no proof to be seen
that it’s caused from a vaccine
and if so, we still need to let go
the pain is never gone
but we must carry on
our children aren’t broken
there’s something with in
together let’s move ahead
i’m sorry for your hurt
i hope there was help
in the words i said

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