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who is me
not the person
my doctor thinks to see
just one who’s crazy
wishing for a fantasy
days with no misery
but only prelonging
my inevitable destiny
locked up in prison
the life that was given
as i grew
i thought i knew
when i was young
the tune i sung
was a song
this won’t last long
but i was wrong
as a child
pain was never mild
it was pure hell
now i can tell
nothing’s better
i thought it was
just time to weather
but with age
it is worse
to be me is such a curse
it is always a fight
and still i get nothing right
i got these tools
with a lot of rules
some reason i can’t comply
it’s truly no lie
i really do try
i just can’t get by
only with tears in each eye
disappointing you
i start to cry
who am i
the one who will die
never making it to the sky
there is win
with the ultimate sin


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