i am a women
plus the child i bear
are in the spectrum
and i write only to share
because i will always care
for the families out there
her name is Sandra
she moved to California
she didn’t foresee
a state with no money
becoming her career
to only speak
with no one to hear
it is not a matter of fair
it’s a matter of wrong and right
her son’s future clear in sight
wanting it to be
healthy and bright
but getting help
is always a fight
sometimes it can steal our joy
when only wanting what’s needed
for our girl or boy
there is more pain
and not enough gain
educators are in a position
along with adminstration
having all the information
plus open communication
there should be
limited complication
there is no doubt or question
it is always our mission
services must be given
so please read and listen
respect our adults and children
all i can say for me and you
together we’ll see it through
stopping we will never do
that’s what i suggest
and we won’t rest
they deserve the best
people with autism
her and him

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