save our country and integrity


Mika and Joe
every morning
i watch your show
but negitive criticism
only helps animosity grow
it is not great
that our country
continues to separate
is this our nation’s fate
to support and create
less love and more hate
we shouldn’t laugh
at any candidate
we can respectively
talk and debate
no one likes to lose
and i’m not saying
who to choose
Mr. Trump or Mr. Cruz
no negative words were given
about Mrs. Clinton
on the coal confrontation
i don’t promote
which way to vote
wrong or right
we should not lose sight
this is a race
not a fight
we should always be kind
and even polite
i believe you guys really care
and usually i think your fair
but today i didn’t hear
your perspective
to be objective
we need to live
with the impression we give
we will not forget
and never let
any bullying
in person or internet
to be correct
it will only effect
our young
which already has begun
it should be allowed
to go in a crowd
without shouting loud
to speak with the other side
is more courage
then to run and hide
why must we ridicule
and be so cruel
no insulting should be a rule
not an effective tool
this is my opinion
and we all sin
but is this what we’re teaching
how to successed and win
we should all be civil
women or men
and children of ten
shouldn’t see this behavior
over and over again
we’re all American
but more then this
we’re all human

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