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excited i started to drive

then the moment i did arrive
my emotions came alive
i didn’t feel great
i started to contemplate
it was nothing at first
suddenly i felt i could burst
my mouth was dry but no thirst
my eyes felt teary
but it was even more scare
seeing the doctor’s blinds down
i only wanted to turn back around
out the driveway
because i wasn’t ok
at first it was no big deal
then i started to feel
this is too real
walking up the stairs
i saw more fears
time to speak is what I only seek
but when I communicate
i am unsure how i relate
i just called you to inform
my thoughts in rhyme
started to swarm
you told me you like how i write
so sending you this is my delight
only negative you have read
now positive will be said
as soon as i came in
our laughter started to begin
and even with such discipline
it doesn’t hurt once in a while
to take a break
and enjoy a smile
the impression i got
is you liked it a lot
each time i wanted to leave
it seemed we both
started to grieve
i wasn’t suppose to stay long
but our conversations flowed
like two birds singing a song
it only felt right and never wrong
knowing your boss is sweet
but also very strong
we said our hello
but it was time for me to go
the time was well spent
and for me much it meant
i came a little after three
and it was already after four
but trying to go out the door
kept feeling like a tug a war
now in my car i didn’t get far
before i could blink
i started to think
so i went to starbucks
to get a drink
then i went to my email
and without fail
my words started to sail
it is ones interpretation
in correlation
of this unfair situation
no room for any tempation
and with no expectation
as for you and also Dr. Plan

it will never be fine

neither of you can

be a friend of mine
but it will have to do
because i’m really happy
knowing the two of you
in thinking it could or should
to change what i have
i never would

i will keep what is very good

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