i called you about an hour ago
for you to know
Dr. S said I can come by
for ten minutes to say hi

not just as Dr. S’s mom
seeing you helps me feel calm
if we can’t meet

i won’t be beat
that won’t happen
there’s no harm
instead i’ll recite a psalm
yesterday i called twice
cause seeing you would be nice
consider yourself as part
as my coping device
i hope you don’t mind
comfort i find
because your so kind
today is Thursday
not seeing Dr. S
makes my day grey
but if your busy
that’s ok
i will not stay
feeling this way
i will get something else to do
i shouldn’t feel blue
if i can’t always depend
on Dr. S and you
if you say no or yes
i wouldn’t feel less
it wouldn’t matter
i don’t say this just to flatter
i really do appreciate

you and Dr. S

being so great

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