no sound

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no voice no sound

i only feel my heart pound
i know somewhere your around
this whole week
has been uncomfortable
and unmanageable
but somehow
i’ve been getting through
i keep thinking of you
wanting to make you proud
now the pounding
is getting to loud
i want you
to enjoy your vacation
and not give you
any aggravation
but i’m sinking
down this dark hole
where i loss my soul
waiting for you
is taking a toll
sorry your the only person
and your mother
i feel certain
you really care
i only fear when your not near
your voice i like to hear
i know to much i depend
wishing that would end
with you the time we spend
safe i always feel
now alone
sick in my stomach
waiting to keel
and my mind
keeps spinning
like a wheel
my strength it starts to steal
i know your trying to help me heal
and truly for real
as my doctor
you mean a great deal
my life you touch
and for me
you do so much
as my doctor and teacher
i have learned
to make me better
this week i lastest
so much longer
because you helped
me to be stronger

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