EVERY POSTphotostudio_1460944696354 (1)
i don’t think your calling

and only my tears are falling
what could i say
strong i couldn’t stay
my strength slowly
drained away
i really tried
now my brain and heart
are totally fried
it was a good ride
now this pain
i can’t hide
thirty minutes ago
i only cried
when i know
i wasn’t going
to talk with you
this night was my fear
our arrangement was not clear
toolbox, skills,
breathing, mindfulness
now nothing makes no sense
and still in distress
all this time i put up a fight
just to collapse
in only one night
you really don’t need my sh_t
you definitely don’t deserve it
i really need to keep my distance
because you have great tolerance but this is relentless nonsense

All comments and discussions are encouraged and welcomed. Please embrace your thoughts and feelings with words being mindfully kind. Thank you. This is what we are all about, to agree to disagree, but kindly:)

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