the rain falls


as rain falls and hits the outside walls
I sit awake to find my moment and take
to tell you so I appreciate it more than you can know
letting me come just to stop by
and not having another week without any hi
plus no handshake or any good byes
I want to apologize because I do realize
and know by all you show
that you do care
I don’t even get to fear
it’s like baseball, first base is trust and never before here there or anywhere
did someone stick around  long enough
so trust is real rough
I’ve heard stories of mighty glories
skyscraper size
and with no lies
and with all due respect
and no neglect
to the souls and families
of 911 tragedy
this is what has made me be
so relevant to only see
there are enough reasons
I believe people in time will only hurt me
I cannot compare and share that pain
when those skyscrapers were each hit by a plane
people’s hearts were apart
in one day there life’s were torn away
for me it’s taken years
each day slowly though built up with my tears
the saying is love like you never got hurt
so I say to you thank you for giving me the opportunity
trusting you like I never got burnt


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