another month has gone


another month has gone by
you only believe my contact is to rely
how do I feel you choose not to reply
it hurts and sometimes I cry
but I’m ok
and to let you know, my husband is now away
my doctor and I, made a plan to say goodbye
it’s been a week and my eye didn’t leak
it is better than before
not that I like it any more
maybe you will start to understand, we made no plan
for my doctor’s vacation, and I am starting to feel the anxiety elevation
no different than when I saw you, but your convinced it has nothing to do about routine
though my actions and feelings with everything are so extreme
I don’t think it is purposely to demean
but you have only looked through your door
maybe not to admit in ten years you didn’t see anything more
you continually think it’s just about you
and my doctor who is new I feel towards the same way too
I wish you could be inside my head not my bed
I really hope you’re ok
to call me back one day
do I miss you of course
knowing you won’t talk to me is my great lose

love from my heart
peace from my soul

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