i jump and yell


I needed to send this right away
but unfortunately I had a delay
I have to say the news I heard made my day
it makes me so happy, I can jump and yell hurray
tomorrow is Wednesday,  I know you’re really busy
Juliana and I feel it should be celebrated
maybe extra time can be created
it is in honor of you
we really want your presence joining us too
we will feel really bad and terribly sad
if coming is not capable, then at our table
we will have to dedicate what we communicate
like how lucky we are to have back WB shining star
or at first for me you were way too jolly
but now that’s what I love about Dr. Holly
I hope you can make it
me and Juliana could have a fit  :)
we can also only sit for a bit
we don’t have to eat 
we can go to the park across the street
I’ll bring something for Juliana
or she’ll act like a monkey starving for a banana
anyway it is an invitation as a suggestion
without any obligation
Juliana and I can accept no and disappointment
a great doctor helped with a sincere commitment
if you don’t know who, it was you
love from my heart
peace from my soul  

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