speak openly


thank you for seeing me
to speak open and honestly
am afraid to say at the CPR and first aid
they gave us nothing for proof that day when walking away
if I could I definitely would of brought the documents that we were officially taught
the next best thing that I had thought
photo shots are simply caught while some were fought
the instructor said the info will go on Monday
and the process is fast and right away
I told him I can’t afford any delay
I will call Bonnie and hear what she has to say
I know we all passed the test, in different circumstances that would of been the best
right now nothing less then to fix the mess for I generated
in time I hope to redeem  myself and all will become faded
I don’t want to lose what I myself created
I am not ready to say good bye to what I have grown
to be left alone from what  I can call my own
it is not time for Happy Kids Daycare to leave my home
most important the love that today we share and for each moment of everyday up to this twenty-first year
the families in need they know I care and I am  always here
parents learn fast and stern their child is my main concern
this is my jobs criteria, though it is from my heart
straight from that start
I devote myself to the parents which is also my part
a happy parent is a happy child
and why Happy Kids Daycare           is the name filed



love from my heart
peace from my soul

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