in no position


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I knew I was in no position to seek a mission
for Dr. olly to be Juliana’s clinician
I spoke to Dr. aith and gave it my all
the reply was it’s not her call
knowing Dr. olly has different responsibilities
adding more doesn’t come with ease
I also knew I would fight to ask for accommodations
for only one person to please
I disliked letting it go
though it was until I would definitely know
if it was hurting Juliana so
the reason I’m writing you, is for show thanks too
I am sure you were a part of the decision
so I wanted to share my appreciation
ps. I am sorry I am having a hard time remembering your name
I feel bad with shame
It looks like I don’t care but that’s not true
it makes me down and blue
It shows a poor attitude
and quit opposite I have much gratitude
love from my heart
peace from my soul


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