fear or true

I called you cause I didn’t see your reply, that is why
is it fair or true to say
that my daughter J is here one day then far away
that her brain goes stray, either you lay with a boy or you have nothing to say
to not know or recall,
is she oblivious of the talk about sex and I covered it all
is she lying, fibbing, exaggerating or complaining of something new
if it’s true what will I do and if not how is her mind so unstable without any clue.
suddenly this situation is here as if this idea flew in her ear
never processing how pregnancy comes to appear
she was taught how and what a male and female need to share
and what is done in order to create a daughter or a son
so when I ask did you have sex and the answer is just a mess
I am always a positive person, though realistic, I ask where or what is the success
if her brain is so altered, confused and distorted at seventeen even with her tremendous growth
somewhere there is a halt, so when it comes to accomplishments she doesn’t have both
if it is heard it is blind or distorted like looking through a screen
over repetitive time, it can be learned easier with touched and something seen
I hope you understand everything I mean
always thank you for your time
love from my heart
peace from my soul


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